Neurosurgical Associates, Albany Ga.
                       Florida Medical Associates, Daytona Beach, Fl.
                       Sutherland Clinic Grundy, Virginia,
                       Care First of Weirsdale, Weirsdale Fl.,
                       Florida hospital Waterman, Eustis Fl.,
                       Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville Tn
                       Neurology Associates, Hollywood Fl.
                       Center for Neurologic Evaluation Sarasota Fl.,
       John studies began in Ocala, Florida at Central Florida Community College
in radioisotope methodology or Health Physics. He went on to the University of Florida and continued studies in geophysics and natural sciences. Later at the University of Florida and Shands/VA Medical Center John enrolls in the neuroscience program, completes his training and accepts a postion at The Centre for Neurologic Evaluation in Sarasota Florida. He continues his professional career in Hollywood Florida at Neurologic Associates and then takes a postion at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee  in neuroelectrophysiology as a member of the epilepsy surgery team and enters the PA program. He continues to work and pursue a degree as a Physician Associate in Nashville and completes his PA training graduating #1 in his class in 1993. 
As a PA John then concentrates on primary care, working in Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine and Family Practice until 1999 he gains recognition and certification in advanced procedures in emergency medicine such as placing central lines, chest tubes, diagnostic ultrasound and lumbar puncture. John returns to practice in General Neurology with emphasis on procedural medicine and electrophysiology at Florida Medical Group in Daytona Beach Florida. He has continued his education at The University of Nebraska School of Medicine completing Specialization in General Neurology track, Masters in Science and then a Doctorate of Philosophy in Public Health in 2005. John joins Neurosurgical Associates in Albany, Georgia in 2006 with practice in General Neurology, Neurosurgery and Interventional Pain Management. 
In 2009 John started Advanced Neuro Llc. and has enjoyed working and building a successful practice while working and traveling across the great state of Georgia and interacting with some of the top providers in Orthopedic and Neuromuscular Medicine.      
Procedural/Diagnostic Medicine:
Trained in performance of an advanced neurologic exam; interpretation of diagnostics studies and treatment of patients with typical and complex neurologic disease.
Specialization in the diagnosis of complex neuromuscular disease with advanced electrophysiological training such as acquired and hereditary axonal/demyelinating polyneuropathies, cord lesions/ suprasegmental lesions , motor neuron disease, multiple sclerosis, neuromuscular junction disorders and myopathies.
I incorporate many advance procedures in diagnostic and treatment modalities such as deep needle stimulation of proximal nerves, facial nerve testing, blink reflex, galvonic skin response and decremented response. Electroencephalography and epilepsy surgical workups including long term monitoring, electrocorticography, mapping, WADA testing and training resident physicians and Fellows in all aspects of Epilepsy. Cerebral Silence Recordings (brain death recordings). Evoke potentials and intraoperative testing including somatosensory, visual evoked response and brainstem auditory evoked response (BAER), including clinical and intraoperative testing as well as interpretation.
Neurointerventional pain management procedures
I perform epidural steroid injections; facet blocks, medial (dorsal) branch blocks; with chemo denervation, peripheral nerve blocks and joint injections. Prolotherapy proliferation remodeling therapies as well as vascular sclerotherapy. I treat reflex neuromuscular conditions with Botox chemo denervation for the treatment of dystonia’s, hemi-facial spasm and spasticity from suprasegmental pathology; hyperhidrosis; nerve blocks incorporating electromyography with needle guidance.
 Osteopathic manipulative treatment, or OMT, is hands-on care.
 OMT treatment techniques: High Velocity-Low Amplitude (HVLA).

The first to offer and perform sleep studies in Sarasota, Florida. 
Performs "all night sleep studies" and MSLT multiple sleep latency testing
for the evaluation of common sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, sleep apnea, sleep myoclonus and other sleep/movement disorders.  


                                    ****** Spinal transplants!!!   ******

Transplantation of of 3-D grafts using structurally and architecturally accurate mesenchymal stem cells to the level(s) distal to the conus (lumbosacral) spine to improve functional outcomes in spinal injuries. These will be the first successful transplants using Organovo's ExVive 3D Bioprinted human tissues and should be a reality in the next 2-3 years, treating patients with various spinal lesions such as complete and incomplete transection and/or severe canal compromise thus allowing patient to regain use of their lower extremities and (walk again)!! Lesions such as severe axonopathy will be treated with completed segmental islets of 3D tissue printed and placed endoscopically through intrathecal placement of structurally accurate axonal (endoneurium - perineurium) islets. Hypersecretin- neurotropic  human mesenchymal stem cells hormonally driven and directed to help promote functional recovery. The 3D architecture that only the ExVive can assemble to the precision that would enable and induce axoplasmic flow. This is where scaffolding technology falls short and indeed separates Organovo's proprietary technology form all others. 
These are the very areas that may attract large investments because of the very nature of spinal injuries/disease and the empathy these conditions touch in all of us as locomotive up-right bipeds. I'm not saying that skin isn't exciting but you start talking about spinal injuries and patients walking again and you have every ones attention. 
The timing of where today's research is and the amazing strides being made in regenerative medicine couldn't be better for the introduction of Organovo's ExVive platform. The only thing needed now is big  $$$$$ investment from all sectors, private, charitable, institutional and governmental.  

John Plourde, PhD, PA, REEG/EPT