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Advanced Neurodiagnostics
Quality NCV/EMG
(229) 364-1253

164 Grand Island Drive
Albany, GA, 31707
United States of America

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In office neurologic evaluation with EMG and NCV. Twenty years experience. Detailed and tailored reports, as well as advanced testing stategies using deep needle stimulation and recordings for complex proximal neuropathies. Neuromuscular junction testing and evaluation for anterior horn lesions, as well as generalized myopathies & polyneuropathy. Needle guidance EMG with Botox Chemodenervation for spasticity.
Physicians & Surgeons Neurology
Year Established:
English, Spanish
EMG, NCV, NCS, Plourde, electromyography, nerve conduction study, needle EMG, mobile EMG, neurophysiology, neurology, physician assistant, advanced neuro, Cadwell
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